About Grant – Technically:

I am a multi-dimensional individual with multi-dimensional depth, skills, and experience. I have the unique ability to quickly size up user needs and develop a software tool and/or OLAP cube and/or database solution to meet those needs. I not only architect and design the solution but I also develop and write the code to implement it. Additionally, I can create user documentation for the solution and also create training videos and conduct training online and in person. One manager called me “a one-man coding machine” and declared that “Grant can do it all!” And, yes, I even do documentation.  (But don’t tell anyone as everyone knows that “real” developers don’t do documentation!)

The technical areas that I focus on are the Microsoft .NET and Business Intelligence tools and product stack. Within this area I focus on .NET development in C# for both Windows applications and web ASP.NET applications as well as SQL Server databases and Analysis Services OLAP cubes. I don’t program ASP MVC due to the extra work involved and the complexity which does not lend itself to maintenance by other developers (and ASP.NET webforms can easily do everything MVC does faster, easier, and more maintainably). Yes, I know that MVC is all the current fad but I don’t follow technology fads and manias. Instead, I focus on the fastest most direct path to getting the solution done. Thus I do agile type of software development methodology and I build reusable software components. I use the DevExpress GUI library for their advanced controls and focus on flexible software solutions that anticipate user requests/demands and also provide users with advanced features that let users customize the GUI to get what they need instead of constantly having to request updates to the software.

Currently, I have developed the DnF Chart Tool which provides a highly automated way for a user to create D&F (Demand and Forecasting) charts from database and OLAP cube data. The DnF Chart Tool provides a navigation grid for browsing, selection, filtering, and sorting network elements that allows for one to thousands of charts to be automatically generated, displayed, and automatically exported to PowerPoint, PDF, and other formats. This tool allows the user to generate 3,000+ D&F charts and export them to a PowerPoint slide set in about 12 minutes. Formerly it took days with a lot of macros and manual work in Excel to generate the charts. One coworker called it “a million dollar app” because that’s what he thought it was worth and another complimented me on the professional appearance and functionality of the tool. This tool is a Windows application that is available on an internal website as a click and download ClickOnce app. Simply click on the link and it downloads and runs. Thus it can be deployed and used much like a web app but is faster with a much richer GUI than a simple web app.

I have just finish my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology. So why did I choose psychology and not software engineering or another technical area? Simply put, I have found that the success and failure of software projects is mostly critically dependent upon the psychology of the people involved. I am writing a book on Software Psychology and its application to the design and development of outstanding software. Something that I think is sorely needed but neglected in the software development industry today.

I have two training videos in LSO (https://ecorplb.sbc.com/irj/portal/mylearning):

60460502 – Introduction to OLAP Cubes

60468003 – Excel Pivot Tables with OLAP Cubes

And I am also working on a book, a manager’s and user’s guide to OLAP cubes. I am also planning on developing a mobile application soon.


Microsoft Expert Developer – Windows and ASP.NET Web Applications , Data Warehouse and OLAP Cube Expert , Architect and Designer 


Two Patents. 

Languages Spoken:

English. Un poco Espanol. 

Recent Projects:

Many – DnF Chart Tool , EBT (Engineering Budget Tool) , LTE OLAP Cube and ETL , and more.