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Hi!  Welcome to my technical career website!

In this website I will enthrall and fascinate and wow you with the awesome splendor of my technical prowess in software development, database development, and data warehouse and OLAP cube development.  If you can't yet tell I do development.  Yes, I build things.  And darn good things too!

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The DaVinci Man

Who is the DaVinci Man?

The DaVinci Man is my simpler term for the famous Vitruvian Man drawing by Leondardo da Vinci.  Leonardo drew it sometime around 1490.  It shows the proportions of a man contained within a circle and a square-ish rectangle.  It is called the Vitruvian Man because the drawing is accompanied by notes about the work of the architect called Vitruvius. 

There's a fairly good description of this drawing and it's interpretation on at:

But to me it represents something more.  As Leonardo da Vinci represents something more to me than to most other people.  Leonardo is remembered as a genius, an artist, an inventor.  And to me he represents an ideal, an ideal to emulated, an ideal that shows a path of individual accomplishment and development.

There seems to be very few people like Leonardo in history but they are there.  I started looking for them years ago and they are out there but seldom remembered or heralded.  And there are some da Vinci like people here and now.  I call them DaVinci's.  They are very rare.  In the old days they painted.  Nowadays they don't paint as there is no market for paintings.  So what would they do nowadays?  Write software?

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